At the heart of it, we are advocates for our clients and the spaces we work in. We strive to find, and sometimes to be, the catalyst for improvement and betterment in our projects. Having been government agency staff in the past equips us the understanding of the need for a collaborative effort to bring change and progress to the public space. Ruuftop was created to foster that kind of spirit.

In 2016, we wrote a white paper, A Unified Tolling Network, under Ruuftop’s parent company, Milligan Partners. That was just the beginning. In working through those ideas, our desire to grow brought interest in joining the Hyperledger Project. Shortly after, we joined the Digital Chamber of Commerce and been active in the blockchain community since then.

Our efforts to help improve the industry slowly turned our research into a real project. This 2017, we decided to make it an open source toll interoperability project. After 20 years of watching transportation services’ technology lag behind just about everything else in the world, we strongly believe open source is the best way forward. We’re dedicated to creating something that any tolling agency in the world can contribute to and use.

We’re also eager to help standardize blockchain technology in ways that benefits the larger goal of mobility that tolling, transit, and other transportation services strive to achieve. We see all of this changing our industry in ways that are as big as the transponder.